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Effective Branding and Advertising has never been so fun before. Consumers would love to participate when playing Advertisements as games.

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Smart phone users in india
with a 72% growth Y-O-Y
Consumers spend time
3.25 hrs
everyday on smart phones
Digital ads on mobile
projected by 2018
Growth in mobile ads
projected Rs 2000 cr by 2016 (Y-O-Y)
Users make a purchase
after seeing a mobile ad


Growth in casual games
year on year growth from 2010
Mobile Gamers
in india and growing
Growth in game sessions
game plays grew 6 times from Apr 2014
Growth in game traffic
games recorded 17% growth in traffic
Monthly game downloads
download 50 M games every month

Advertise the way people like

Gone are the days when blocking ads were hated, with Puzzelo, make people fall in love with your brand.

Very good, very visual, since I'm a marketer. Very nicely thought solution. You have an attraction.

Aayush Shah, Brand Manager India

Will play to know brands, Very good concept, Will add Puzzelo in my playtime.

Roshan Auti, SYJC Student India

Gratification and Game points

Get sponsored offers, coupons and win contest prizes.
Win trophies and get recognized in leaderboards.

Integrated marketing

Let people have fun and win with your branded games and make marketing an integral part of the gaming experience.

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